Bond It Anti-Climb Paint  Black, 2 Litres

Bond It Anti-Climb Paint Black, 2 Litres

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Brand:  Bond It
Part Number:  BDACPBL1

Secure your property with BOND IT Anti-Climb Paint. Non-oxidising and non-drying, the paint is formulated to remain soft and slippery, creating a practically impossible surface to climb or scale and deterring unwanted intruders from entering premises. The black paint also contains an identifying agent which will mark any skin and clothing it comes into contact with. BOND IT Anti-Climb Paint is easily applied to most surfaces, including wooden and metal fences, brick walls, gutters, pipes and roofs, or any other potential grip points.


  • Excellent deterrent against vandals and burglars
  • Easily applied to most surfaces
  • Non-oxidising, non-drying coating
  • Marks skin and clothing

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