ievo Micro Fingerprint Reader

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Brand:  Ievo

The ievo micro is the advanced internal only solution expanding the portfolio of ievo solutions to cater for industries looking to
secure small to medium sized facilities.
Using a best-in-class optical sensor, the micro delivers a fast, accurate and reliable biometric solution, that saves both time and
costs to any business and industry.
With advanced encryption for data transmission, the micro fingerprint reader provides a highly accurate and quality image to
reliably allow the ievo control board to perform 1:N matching of up to 50,000 (10,000 as standard) fingerprint templates. The reader
unit itself does not store any user data for an additional level of protection.
Supporting proximity detection and clear LED and audio indications, the reader offers simplicity along with convenience to the user.

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Ievo Ultimate Fingerprint Reader

Ievo Ultimate Fingerprint Reader

1:N matching up to 50,000 fingerprint templates via
the ievo control board (10,000 option comes as standard)
Designed for external and internal use
IP65 rated for harsh environmental deployment
Multispectral imaging sensor
Data transmission AES (128bit) encryption can be
Secure template storage on a separate ievo control
Wiegand, clock & data and TCP/IP outputs
Activated by capacitive proximity detection
LED and audio indications
Anti-tamper and vandal resistant
Seamless integration with large number of existing
access control systems
Built in environmental controls; heater and humidity
sensor for external use
Spoof detection functionality can be enabled
Approved for UK Government use by the CPNI