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Thursday, 10 June 2021  |  Spectrum ID

Increasing speed and accuracy in document audits


  • Your documents must be identified for control and audit purposes
  • You require a report, detailing which documents are present and which are missing
  • If completed manually, this is a labour-intensive task and prone to human error


OPN-2001 Companion scanner

Solicitors and UK government departments have solved this problem by barcoding key documents and carrying out a fast stock check using the OPN-2001. No experience or expertise is needed to identify documents, your team simply capture all barcodes, which is fast, accurate and free from human error.

Once the data capture is complete, the OPN-2001 is plugging into a PC or Mac and all captured barcodes are transferred to software or CSV file. The result is an enormous reduction in time spent and in increase is the accuracy of data collected.

Tracking when documents are moved between sites / locations or taken home by a partner


  • Your business may require partners to take documents home to work on cases
  • You must know where all documents are at all times
  • It is vital that missing documents can be identified or risk serious data loss / breach of confidentiality


OPH-1005 Mobile Terminal

Upload a database of document barcodes to the OPH-1005 while running the Asset Manager app. You can then track the movement of documents between sites and team members.

This daily report of document movements can be pulled every day from the OPH-1005 as a CSV file. The result is complete visibility of all document movements, leading to an increase in security and accountability.

Reduce risk and time spent on document management through automation


  • Signed documents must be uploaded to your back-office system
  • Your team members who are away from the office do this by photographing the document and emailing / WhatsApping to office
  • Office staff spend hours receiving, managing and uploading these documents
  • This creates a constant risk of business-essential documents being misplaced or permanently lost


H-33 Rugged Android PDA

Many logistics and courier companies have solved this problem by running a document management app on the H-33. They then use the barcode scanner and high-resolution imager camera to capture data and upload directly to their back office.

The result is complete elimination of these admin tasks, time spent uploading and risk of document loss. While this software can be delivered on a range of smartphones, the H-33 is often chosen to drive down the cost of repairs and replacement of less rugged devices. Once deployed, you can also run any other Android or web-based apps from the H-33, whilst using a mobile device management tool to control how the device is used.

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