Warehouse optimisation with OPTICON

Friday, 18 June 2021  |  Spectrum ID

Warehouse optimisation with OPTICON

Companion scanners can quickly and easily capture barcodes and transfer them to any smart device; or memorise the information for use later.

They are lightweight and user friendly, making them ideal for your picking, stocktake and goods in / out operations.

Increases speed and accuracy

In your picking, stocktake and goods in/out processes versus paper-bases systems


Easy to carry all shift

At just 62mm long and weighing just 29g


Connects to any smart device

Simple pairing to any tablet, PC, iOS or smartphone device via Bluetooth or USB cable

Durable and reliable cabled barcode scanners


The L-46 can be a robust 1D or 2D scanner, and is designed to survive testing environments where there is a risk of dropping onto a hard floor.

Interchangeable interface cables and easy configuration with the free OptiConfigure tool allow you to use the L-46 anywhere within your business.

Rugged hardware for your WMS application 


Using rugged hardware will drive down the cost of device ownership, but reducing costs from repairs and replacement.

If your WMS is Android based there are a lot of devices for you to evaluate, and we recommend the H-31 where toughness and reliability matters.


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