Advanced Access Control Solutions from Freevolt Technology

Advanced Access Control Solutions from Freevolt Technology
Freevolt’s radio frequency (RF) energy harvesting technology is capable of using existing RF sources, such as access control readers, mobile phones and point-of-sale (POS) terminals, in order to combat card fraud by unlocking additional power to drive biometrics, Dynamic CVV, and other enhanced security measures.
Freevolt has also developed a series of novel system designs to meet the growing need to extend the operating life of electronic devices between charging. Typical applications include harvesting power from near-field communication (NFC) devices across a wide range of smartphones (iOS and Android) and fixed readers, matching the RF field of battery-powered smart card door readers, and powering environmental monitoring sensors solely using harvested RF energy.

Generating higher power, enabling greater functionality

No regulatory or infrastructure changes -  with existing card technologies

Enables better security and UX / speed

Fits into the existing card footprint and thickness

Uses off-the-shelf components

No recharging or charging batteries: it works whenever you position it next to a card machine

Propriety technology with multiple patents filed/granted

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