General Data Protection Policy

Last updated: 5 April 2018

Security & Identity Solutions Ltd.

Security & Identity Solutions Ltd comprises of two interworking sectors:

  • Spectrum Positive ( operates as a printing bureau service for staff identity in the form of printed plastic card and bespoke photo identity cards.
  • Spectrum ID ( is an ecommerce store offering products within the Identity - Access Control - Security - Mobile Computing - Electronic Point of Sale markets. Our products and services are on open offer to both the B2B and B2C markets.

Products offered via the ecommerce website are drop shipped in conjunction with the following product providers: Varlink, TradeID, Aldridge Security, Card Personalisation Solutions, Bristol Card Solutions, A2Z Computing, Castellex whilst Photo Id services are provided directly from the business address.

In both sectors above we fall into the category of 'Data Processors' all further information within this policy will be based on the requirements of that sector under GDPR. Whilst certain parts of the policy may suit specific elements of either part of the business, more that the other at different points, the whole policy refers to Security & Identity Solutions in its totality.

The business in its entirety is run from 29 Alexandra Road, Sebastopol, Pontypool, Torfaen NP4 5BJ. Managing Director and Data Manager 'Dennis Ricketts' contactable on 01495 757153 or Further information may be found via the websites and policies provided on the websites. This policy incorporates our responsibilities under the General Data Protection Act (May 2018).

We manage all data risk in an appropriate manner.

No financial data is held by the company.

No data is transferred outside the UK.

All key persons within the company are trained & supportive of data protection policy.

Individuals have a right to Access, Rectify and see their personal data for quality and accuracy.

Individuals have a right to request retention, erasure or disposal of their personal data.

Individuals have a right to restrict processing of their personal data.

Data controllers may also request information be supplied on request.

We control our cyber risks through the implementation of the anti virus and malware software 'Sophos' also our data encryption.

All stored data is kept with the requirements of our customers in mind, some require longer term storage for the reissue of Photo Identity cards.

We require all communications to be on an opt - in basis, prior to further communication.

This is a live document and will be updated in line with changes as and when required.

For further information on this document contact Dennis Ricketts -

Security & Identity Solutions Ltd value your Privacy and will ensure as that we operate our business in keeping with that ethos.

We may require to contact yourselves in line with any services we currently provide, or may wish to offer in the future, including offers and product information.

If you are agreeable with the above and wish to continue the relationship please opt in. Your information will be kept on file. You may unsubscribe at any future time.

GDPR Business to Business Working Agreement

Click below to download our GDPR Business-to-Business Working Agreement in PDF format.