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Asus 15.6 Portable Monitor MB16AC

Sunday, 10 February 2019  |  Spectrum ID

Asus 15.6 Portable Monitor MB16AC


Need an additional screen; why not check out this great bit of kit from ASUS

What do you get for your money? Many features. Why buy?

  • ZenScreen™ MB16AC is ideal for use as a secondary monitor for dual-monitor presentations, and its versatility helps you get things done more efficiently when you're on the go.
  • Wide viewing angles
  • ZenScreen™ MB16AC features a Full HD panel that delivers stunning 1920 x 1080 resolution visuals with outstanding colour reproduction. It uses IPS technology to give you more flexibility when extending your screen, so you still get superb colour and contrast - even from extreme viewing positions. 
  • Hybrid-signal solution: USB Type-A and Type-C support
  • ZenScreen™ MB16AC only requires a single USB connection for both power and video transmission from your host device. It features an innovative hybrid-signal solution with native support for USB Type-C™ (USB-C™) connections and uses an installed driver to support USB Type-A connectors for full compatibility. The reversible, any-way-up USB-C design enables quick, hassle-free connection to any device.
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  • Automatic screen orientation
  • With DisplayWidget software*, ZenScreen™ MB16AC can automatically sense its orientation and switch the monitor between landscape and portrait modes. Landscape mode is ideal for presentations and Excel sheets, while Portrait mode gives you a perfect view of items such as documents, books or mobile websites.
  • *Driver required. Auto Rotate function only works with Windows OS
  • Foldable smart case, slim and stylish ultraportable design



An innovative foldable smart case protects ZenScreen™ MB16AC from dust and scratches. The case can be folded into a stand to prop the monitor up in either portrait or landscape orientation. ZenScreen MB16AC also has a smart pen hole in the bottom right-hand corner, where you can insert a pen to prop the screen up when not using the smart case. The foldable smart case can also be turned into a stand to prop the monitor up in either portrait or landscape mode It barely tips the scales at a lightweight 0.78kg, and with its ultra-slim 8mm profile it fits easily in any travel bag,


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