Plastic ID Card Holders

The purpose of an ID card holder is to enable you to protect and display your plastic ID card. Card holders are widely used in corporate, healthcare and educational settings as well as being an essential card accessory when visiting conferences and exhibitions. They allow staff, students, contractors and visitors to quickly provide identification when it matters.

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Plastic ID card holders come in different styles. The most common are rigid badge holders which offer a good way to protect your ID card from being bent or snapped. These durable products can be purchased in an open-faced or enclosed format, and single or double-sided, with the latter allowing you to display two cards securely. Most are available in either landscape or portrait orientation so you can choose which way up they appear. Take your pick from a wide selection of colours too; clear card holders are popular but many people choose a colour that complements their company brand.

Increasing numbers of ID card holders these days are eco-friendly, made from recyclable plastic and/or biodegradable. A more recent development is the introduction of antimicrobial card holders which help to reduce cross-contamination and contribute to health protection in the workplace. These are worth consideration particularly with coronavirus changing the way that we work.

You can also buy clear vinyl card holders which serve as flexible, lightweight plastic wallets for your visitor pass. As with the rigid card holders, these can be eco-friendly and will do a good job of protecting your card from bending, breaking and water damage. All plastic ID card holders - rigid and flexible - include a slot so that you can attach them to lanyards, clips, neck chains or retractable badge reels.