EVVA Airkey Smart Products

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Airkey by EVVA


Would you like to enhance your property & business security but also gain convenience?

Introducing the Airkey Locking solution from EVVA.

With Airkey your smartphone is the key. It gives you full control of your doors. All you need is an Airkey cylinder, Internet access and a smartphone.

Airkey Top Features:

  • Send Keys via the Internet
  • Free app and online administration
  • Suits small and complex locking systems
  • Maximum data security

Airkey is just as dynamic as you need. It is the electronic locking system for a new, mobile generation, and a response to the dynamics of a modern working world. Enhancing business and our private lives. Send keys via your smartphone via the internet and benefit from maximum security standards.

As well as the Airkey Cylinder we also offer Airkey Wall Readers, Airkey Padlocks, Airkey Camlocks. Should you not have your smartphone available EVVA offers a range of solutions including programmable Tags, Cards and keys.

You can purchase additional key card credits as required.

Read more about the Evva AirKey Battery Operated Proximity Key and Turn Euro Cylinder.