Interflon Power Wipes Cleaning Towels

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Inteflon Power Wipes for the cleaning of dirt and grease. These strong, industrial quality cleaning towels are saturated with a heavy-duty cleaning solution and highly absorbent. They can be used on a variety of surfaces, remaining moist for several hours, making them suitable for repeated use with a pleasant odour and little-to-no residue. Easy to use and cost effective, they come in a resealable container to ensure long life and freshness. Unique F-Active cleaning technology works to effectively remove rust, oil and grease, limescale and inorganic dirt.


  • Resealable tub for long life and freshness
  • Effective cleaning of oil, paint grease, adhesive, ink and much more
  • Remains moist for several hours for repeated use
  • Wipes do not fluff and leave minimal residue
  • High dirt retention and absorbency capacity
  • Unique F-Active cleaning technology
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