Ten Combination Lock Private

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The electronic combination lock TEN is suitable for use in many places such as: • Fitness centers • Clubs • Department stores (safes) The keypad is fastened directly to the lock underneath. The 7cm long cable enables easy installation. The built-in lithium battery has a life-span of around 7 years, depending on the frequency of openings. The battery is checked during the opening process and when the battery is running low the lock will remain open, an alarm will go off and the lock cannot be used again. Temperature range: 5 - 35°C The package includes: • The keypad • The locking device • Lock assembly with ejector / pusher mechanisms • Battery with a life-span of about 7 years

After installing the battery, a personal code can be entered. The LED lights up briefly and the code is entered once again and then confirmed. The lock is locked in idle mode. After entering the correct сode, the lock opens for 3 seconds and then locks again automatically.

 Emergency opening for private lock: Please get in contact with PS directly in case of an emergency opening.

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